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Aksesories Instalasi dan Vakuum Medis

Aksesories alat Penunjang Instalasi Gas dan Vakuum Medis (Accessories Secondary Equipments)

Accessories Secondary Equipments

alat kesehatan aksesoris instalasi disposable large volume nebulizer

Disposable Large Volume Nebulizer

Large Volume Nebulizerhas been designedfor the patients require high-accuracy delivery of continuous humidity in concentrations ranging between 28% to 98% to the tracheal also require supplemental oxygen to the airway.The collection container is filled with sterile water, oxygen is connected to the top of the device and the ordered oxygen percentage is dialed-in.

Bacterial Filter

Suction Unit Anti-bacterial Filter

Suction Unit Anti-bacterial Filter is designed to protect Vacuum System from contamination and collection bottle overflow.

Features/Benefits: Sustain the life time of Vacuum Unit and central vacuum system; Reduce the frequency of maintenance; Reduce the hazard of waste fluid overflow to safety trap or vacuum unit; Simple operation and easy to use

alat kesehatan aksesoris instalasi overflow safety trap

Overflow Safety Trap

Overflow Safety Traps an additional protection of the vacuum regulator and the hospital vacuum networks against contamination risks from the overflow valve in the main container not be working properly.

It helps prevent aspirate from entering the regulator as a result of misuse and extend the life of suction equipment and pipeline system.

Suitable for OR/ ER/ ICU/ General ward 


alat kesehatan aksesoris instalasi bubble humidifier 135 mll

Bubble Humidifier (135ml)

Bubble Humidifieris used to provide humidified oxygen (cold humidification) to patients in hospital or at home to prevent damaging the respiratory trace.

It has a female adaptor that fastens to the oxygen concentrator where the therapeutic oxygen exits the machine and is pumped through the bottle. The Bottle  is filled halfway with sterile water that creates a vapor mist the exits the bottle along with the oxygen to the patient, bringing moist therapeutic oxygen to the patients mask. A nasal cannula or oxygen mask is usually used to deliver the oxygen from the humidifier bottle to the patient.

Accessories Secondary Equipments

alat kesehatan aksesoris instalasi reusable humidifier 315 ml

Reusable Humidifier (315ml)

Bubble-type Humidifieris a non-disposable unit designed for durability and performance in the hospital or at home. Itis used to help humidify the oxygen or medical air administered to the patient through respiratory tubes. It is designed for long-lasting use and easy disassembly for cleaning.It contains a 2-psi safety relief valve, an O2 DISS female nut inlet fitting and a removable diffuser head, all of which are chrome-plated brass. The polypropylene bottle may be as or liquid sterilized and it is dishwasher-safe.


Bubble/Jet Nebulizer

Bubble/Jet Nebulizeris used for the moistening of e.g. oxygen, compressed air or nebuliser unit for the nebulisation (aerosol treatment) of sterile water or medications. It provides an economical alternative for beathging aid device. The unit helps provide optimum amounts of oxygen or humidity in bubble mode or jet mode. It has an audible-alarm pressure relief valve to warn patient and caregivers of obstructions to flow.

Accessories Secondary Equipments

Multi-purpose Nebulizer

Multi-purpose Nebulizer

This device is utilized to replace humidity actively to the airway. The collection container is filled with sterile water, oxygen is connected to the top of the device and the ordered oxygen percentage from35% to 100%is dialed-in.

Features: Convenient oxygen dilution system provides variable concentration (35% ~ 100%); Shatter-resistant bottle which is more safe and durable; Connector accepts standard 22mm aerosol corrugated tubing; Filter sponge is removable for cleaning; 375ml bottle with minimum and maximum level markings clearly defined; Optional heater keeps water temperature warm; Reusable after sterilization.

Reusable Collection Bottle (Polysulfone)

Reusable Collection Bottle (Polysulfone)

Reusable Collection Bottleis used to collect liquids or mucus resulting from medical suction. Constructed of polysulfone can be sterilized in autoclave countless times without losing quality at 134º C for 15mins withstands hard usage and provide trouble free service over a long time.


Accessories Secondary Equipments

Single-use Collection Bottle

 Single-use Collection Bottle

Single-use Collection Bottlesis designed for collecting body fluids from the patients.Present large reservoirs of nosocomial pathogen contaminants in the patient care area. Designed to meet high volume collection and disposal needs.

Reusable Collection Bottle (Polycarbonate)

 Reusable Collection Bottle (Polycarbonate)

Reusable Collection Bottleis designed to collect any secretion evacuated while surgery. It is manufactured in polycarbonate for convenient handling by the end user. Unlike the glass material, the polycarbonate collection bottles are virtually unbreakable, combining the convenience of glass with the safety of polycarbonate which can be steam, gas sterilized or autoclaved. It is more convenient and more economical than glass.

Accessories Secondary Equipments

Selang Penghubung Outlet ke Mesin Anesthesi

Selang Penghubung Outlet ke Mesin Anesthesi/Ventilator, dll

Medical Gas Hose Assembliesare used as extensions to supply any device or machine with medical gases delivered from a standardized outlet. The maximum working pressure is up to 55 psi for all gases except for Nitrogen, Nitrogen hoses have a working pressure of up to 200 psi. The burst pressure rating is between 200-250 psi @70ºF. The tubing is color coded to conform to CGA C-9 standard. The fittings are permanently crimped on each end with ferrules.

Braket Penggantung Vacuum Jar

Braket Penggantung Vacuum Jar (slide)

Slide Bracketis used to hold suction collection bottles adjacent to each vacuum station inlet. The slimline design merges perfectly with the style of any headwall system can install into a wall plate or roll stand easily. It is a simple, functional and economic solutions for safety collection all types of body fluid within the patient care environments.

Alat pemindah flowmeter (Railing Locking Clamp)

Alat pemindah flowmeter (Railing Locking Clamp)


Rail Locking Clampis used to hang any medical devices in compliance with the NF EN 128 European standard (30 mmwidth) can also be used with the universal rail clamp provided the small black adaptor located in the bottom part of the clamp is taken out by sliding it upwards.